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Emery Tuff

DESCRIPTION Emery Tuff is a ready to use shake-on floor hardener comprised of a blend of 100% pure emery, special additives and portland cement. Emery Tuff is a material that is extremely hard, tough and abrasion resistant. As a result, proper installation of Emery Tuff will impart very long life and extremely high durability to concrete surfaces. Emery Tuff is completely non corrosive and rust free and can be used inside or outside. Emery Tuff offers a superior alternative to metallic floor hardeners. It will provide a harder, denser and more abrasion resistant floor. Emery Tuff is a concrete gray color. USE Emery Tuff is a dry shake floor hardener designed for application to freshly cast horizontal concrete to harden and densify the surface. Applications for Emery Tuff include: industrial plants, foundries, automotive assembly plants, loading docks, smelters, warehouses, service garages, processing plants, generating stations, sewage and water treatment plants, resource recovery plants, paper mills, etc. FEATURES ■ Dramatically increases the life of concrete floors over that of untreated concrete ■ Non-rusting (typical metallic hardeners cannot be used in a wet environment) ■ Superior wear and abrasion resistance to metallic shake-on hardeners ■ Easy to apply – less labor intensive than metallic hardeners ■ Resists penetration by grease, oil, and contaminants ■ Greater depth per pound of Emery Tuff vs. metallic hardeners ■ Resists dusting, spalling and deterioration ■ Interior/exterior applications PROPERTIES 100% pure emery/corundum consisting of a minimum of 58% aluminum oxide, a minimum of 24% iron oxide and no more than 4% silica Moh hardness – 8 to 9 (Diamond is a 10) Specific gravity – 3.5 For heavy duty service Class 5 and 6 Industrial floors (ACI Manual of Concrete Practices) Compressive Strength – ASTM C-109, 2 in. (5.1cm) cubes 12,000 psi (82.7 MPa) in 28 days